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Giving Opportunities

We invite you to use your resources to join us in ministry.

Mobile Money

0706382329 or 0783423973 (in the name of Ann Nambogo)


ABSA Bank Uganda Limited

Account Name: Kampala Baptist Church

Account Number: 0341212731

Mission Statement

To develop individuals committed to growing in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and leading others to the same commitment, so that we can establish a biblically guided and growing community.

To know Him and make Him known

Our Ministries

Pray With Us


 Prayer for Global/ national.

·       For the new Cabinet of our government. That it will lead according to God’s will.

·       The Covid 19 pandemic and its effects on the world, that God will soon restore hope in the world.

·       With the importance of so many transatlantic issues for a peaceful world, may the meeting between U.S. President Biden and Russia President Putin hold productive and constructive results.

·       The continuing Crashes between Israel and Palestine, we pray for peace among these nations.

·       As we grieve the brutal loss of life of ten mine clearance workers in Afghanistan, killed ‘in cold blood’ as they slept. May the entire world be filled with God’s Presence of Peace and love for each other as people grieve and move not toward more division but toward unity and shalom.

KBC Ministry.

·       The KBC members stranded looking for work in this season, we pray for God’s intervention.

·       Provision for church ministry during this season of many uncertainties. Pray for provisions for better media equipment for the church.

·       Families dealing with illness of all sorts of kinds, we pray for quick recovery.

·       Members dealing with loss. That you will continue to comfort them.

Weekly Activities

Saturday5:00pm - 6:00pmSaturday Worship Service
Sunday09:30am - 10:30amSecond Worship Service
11:00am - 12:00amThird Worship Service
8:00am - 09:00amFirst Worship Service
Tuesday5:40pm - 7:30pmYoung Adults Fellowship.
Thursday5:30pm - 8:00pmChoir Practice
Friday6:00pm - 7:00pmCorporate Prayer Meeting
6:00pm - 08:00pmT.G.I.F (for University Students)

Voice of the Shepherd


 In our text for this week, King Jehosophat had insisted on getting a prophet to speak to Ahab’s plan of going after Ramoth Gilead. The prophet said it will be a lost battle and it will even take Ahab. One wonders why Jehosophat joins Ahab in the battle. When he insisted on getting a prophet, did he want to know the truth? Why wasn’t he now willing to follow? Why is he joining battle already declared lost?                                                                                        

I think it was peer pressure. You see even at Kings level the power of peer pressure, is big. Jehosophat does not have the guts to live according to truth that he knows.

 As you reflect on this story, resolve and pray to be one who lives by your convictions.