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Giving Opportunities

We invite you to use your resources to join us in ministry.

Mobile Money

0706382329 or 0783423973 (in the name of Ann Nambogo)


ABSA Bank Uganda Limited

Account Name: Kampala Baptist Church

Account Number: 0341212731

Mission Statement

To develop individuals committed to growing in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and leading others to the same commitment, so that we can establish a biblically guided and growing community.

To know Him and make Him known

Our Ministries

Pray With Us

Prayer for: Global/national.

· The national events of this week. Pray for the leadership of the country, National security and the economy.   Government agenda and the national programs for the next five years.

· Countries badly hit by Covid-19. Continue praying for the vaccination efforts in our country. Continue to thank God for his cover on our nation.

· Youth on long holidays after the S.6, S.4 and P.7 exams.

KBC Ministry.

· God’s provisions for the different church projects planned for the new year.

· Planning for the church ministries of the new year. We pray for the leaders of the different ministries.

· Members looking for meaningful work

· Members dealing with illness.

· Families dealing with loss. Pray for Mrs. Kasana, Dr. Phillipa and the rest of the family as they deal with the loss of their sister Liz and as they plan for the return of her body home.

Weekly Activities

Saturday5:00pm - 6:00pmSaturday Worship Service
Sunday10:00am - 11:00amBible Study Hour
11:00am - 12:00amWorship Service
8:00am - 09:00amWorship Service
Tuesday5:40pm - 7:30pmYoung Adults Fellowship.
Thursday5:30pm - 8:00pmChoir Practice
Friday6:00pm - 7:00pmCorporate Prayer Meeting
7:00pm - 10:00pmT.G.I.F (for University Students)

Voice of the Shepherd

I remember in my earlier years of ministry as a youth Pastor I went to visit a lady in her two roomed house. She was in the second room which was her bedroom. I knocked and she said come in, I am here in the bedroom. I stupidly walked into the bedroom and found her completely naked. I froze for a second, got mesmerized by what I was seeing and then it was like I heard a voice saying; “Andrew what are you doing here!” I run out of the house and run down the hill from her house. Halfway down the hill I wanted to run back but by the grace of God I fought off the temptation. A year later that lady began to get very sick with AIDS. I am glad that I run away that day, I probably would not be here speaking to you today.

In our text when Potiphar’s wife closed, and he held her by the coat Joseph man literally run away from the temptation. Although he was put in jail for no crime, God continued to bless his life and he was eventually raised to sit in the second top position in the land. Sometimes it is time to run. We can’t negotiate with temptation.

When it is time to run, just run!